Monday, December 5, 2011

Earlier in the year, my husband and I were discussing our preps, and how far behind we feel we are, overall. In discussing ways in which we could budget more preps into our.. well.. budget, I suggested that we use Christmas as an opportunity to do so. After all, we're going to spend the money on SOMETHING, why not dedicate it to purchasing prep-related items?

He agreed that was a great idea!

Funny, how... just a month before Christmas, he sorta forgot about that whole, entire conversation. And how, when suddenly confronted with the idea of getting, perhaps, long-term food storage as a gift, he no longer thought it was such a jam-up idear.


Well, anyway. I mostly stayed true to my goal. Now, as a mom, and mom to a little, I didn't get our DD anything like that for Christmas, altho.. think not that she is 'prep-less' altogether. "She's" got more crayons and colored pencils stored than you could shake a stick at, for example. But clothes, books, pencils, etc.. those are the extent of her preps, I acknowledge.

Anyway, for hubs and myself, tho, I did manage to keep it mostly prep-related. No big high-dollar items... couldn't do that right now. But I did get us items that we can absolutely use in our preps.

BTW - I *didn't* get him food storage ;-)  But...Shhh! I kinda like the idea of him sweating that out, a little ;-)

So. You, now, fellow "Mom, Prepared". Are you gonna give any 'preppy' gifts for Christmas?


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