Friday, November 11, 2011

Yeah. IIIIIIIII don't know about you folks, but one of *THE* worst things I can imagine in a collapse-type scenario is living a life with no cheese. *Gasp!* Even typing that (the 2 words at the end of the previous sentence) is enough to cause a little bit of panic to rise in me. Haha! Yeah. I love cheese.

I haven't placed my order yet, but I will, within a couple of days. Having cheese in my food stores is going to be absolutely critical for my family.

I can't give you a review yet, as I have not tried this cheese, but I've found some good reviews for it online, including that it would make a good mac n' cheese, which, again, I must have to stay sane in any post-collapse situation ;-)

These are evidently available online readily enough, but the bit of searching I did turned up that Emergency Essentials has it for the lowest price, @ $3.95 per can (if you purchase 1-5) and @ $3.29 a can if you purchase 6 or more. I'll do the math for you here: 6 cans will cost you $19.74 & 12 will run you $39.48. Shipping for both is $6. (So, $25.74 and $45.48, respectively).

I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to get this as a gift.


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