Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another fine example of how to use coupons to cushion the blow of building your stockpile.

This shopping trip also illustrates how, because you've used coupons, you can now afford items that you may lack a coupon for. In this example, it would be a box of pop tarts (which we usually don't buy without coupons), but was a special request by our dear daughter.

The other item shown that we rarely find coupons for is the milk.Yes, you are seeing organic milk. No, we aren't 'those' kinda people... our food stores, and sometimes, our meals, often feature at least one processed food. But we *do* try to eat/drink better when and where we can. But on milk, we simply do not compromise. I won't use this post to champion why; the info is available out there, if you're inclined to seek it out.

But aside from the 'it's-better-for-you!' -- friends, it just plain TASTES better. The first time I had it, I was FLOODED with memories of being a child and having milk then. It's been so altered over the years, we have forgotten what milk is supposed to taste like.

At any rate, this milk is much pricier. And, we couldn't afford to drink better milk.. and so we didn't. But once we started couponing, the savings we earned freed up the funds to go ahead and buy that expensive (and so much better for you) milk. Just one of the wonderful benefits of couponing!    :)

NO coupons: (1) half-gallon of Organic Milk & (1) box of Pop Tarts

(7) Maxwell House Coffee
(2) Emerald Trail Mix
(16) cans of Campbell's Soup, mostly 'Cream-Of-s', but a couple of Tomato
(8) cans of Progressive Soup (these are hearty, folks!)
(8) boxes of Progessive Chicken Broth



Woohoo!! Over half!!


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