Friday, November 11, 2011

Brrr!! It's been chilly here, today, folks. Granted, not as frosty as some of you are right now, but it was plenty cold for me this morning! (Did I really live up north for a year and a half???) It's turned into a nice day out there!

It is naturally that time of year that a whole lot of us are gearing up toward Christmas. Maybe you have your Christmas shopping done already. If you do, GO YOU!

*This* "Mom, Prepared", however, is decidedly UNPREPARED for the encroaching gift-giving season ;-)

Lest you judge me all 'Bah! Humbug!' - I've been a busy Mama. We homeschool, I'm newly pregnant, and my husband's been just as hard-at-work as he can be. We truly just haven't gotten around to it.

I've got a list, tho! Well.. a list of a list, anyway :)

I happen to find my gift-giving plan BRILLIANT! I want to share it with you, because, in case you are at a loss of what to get 'the person who has everything', or just don't have a plan yet.. this one might be one you'll like!



... or any other prepping supplies!

Now... do let me say, in the sake of full disclosure: I don't know exactly how WELL that's gonna go over ;-)  I am reasonably sure that my mother will roll her eyes. But, I roll mine when I consider her spendthriftness on items she doesn't need, and will seek to get rid of in a year, coupled with her absolute reluctance to buy a simple bag of beans (for goodness sake!). So, that makes us even :)

I also find this a remarkable plan, because being 'Daughter' means that I am anxious that my family be provided for. And yet, I am nowhere NEAR being in a position to fully prepare for them... or even purchase a full month's supply for a single person!

But you know that old adage, "If you can't feed a hundred people, just feed one?" Well, my thoughts on this are along those lines. I may not be able to feed them for a year. But I can feed them for a short time. I can provide SOME kind of food.

And that brings ME peace of mind.

You can really take this in whatever direction you like. Buy a year's supply of freeze dried food for someone... or buy a can that will provide 10-12 meals. Buy a simple bag of rice, dried beans and a container of salt - tuck those into a cute basket and slap a bow on it. Why stick with food? Buy any sort of valuable survival/preparedness item, wrap it up and give THAT as a gift. Use your imagination, and what you know and have learned about what you need to 'be prepared', and doll it up a little to make it a gift.

Have you already stumbled upon this brilliant idea? Will you be giving preparedness type gifts this season? Will this be your first year doing so, or your 10th? Leave a comment!


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