Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mom, Prepared

Hi, there! Mom, Prepared, here. I'm beginning this blog to share with others the absolute importance of being prepared for any emergency situation, to the absolute best of one's ability.

No, you don't have to be a Mom yet.. or at all! You can be whoever it is that you are - which usually works out best, anyway ;-) I write as Mom, Prepared simply because I am a Mom. But being prepared is something that anyone can do, and is something that everyone, every family, every community *should* do.

Because we never, ever know what tomorrow will bring.

Now, I've always been one to prepare. Tho not to the extent that I do now, I have always seen the wisdom in preparing for possible times of lean DURING the times of plenty. But now that I *am* a Mom, it's importance is more profound; after all, I have this amazing responsibility to make sure that my children are always taken care of and provided for.
Add to this all that's going on in the world today, and you betcha - I'm gonna make dern sure that my family is prepared for whatever may come.

There are as many reasons to prepare as their are ways in which we should all be prepared. Natural disasters, loss of a job, or other disruption to one's employment, inflation. It is prudence that drives us to prepare. It is wisdom.

No matter what your motivating factor is, 'prepping' a smart move. It's also a journey. Few of us can go out and buy two years worth of food storage today. Few of us can even wrap our minds around all that we should do AS preparation. "Where in the world do I start?" and "How do I start?" From how to do this affordably, to barter lists; from where to store all this stuff, to must-have equipment... I hope to cover all of this and more.

Begin your own journey, assess your stores, re-double your efforts... whatever has brought you here... I welcome you to join me as we become true Moms, Prepared!


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