Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bug-Out Bags. Go Bags. Get The Heck Outta Dodge Bags. Or, whatever else ya might happen to fancy callin' 'em...

Disclaimer: You'll soon see that Emergency Essentials is one of my favorite 'go-to' resources for all things preparedness. No, I don't work for the company, and I'm not being re-imbursed by them. I just really like 'em a lot.

One way that this "Mom, Prepared" has (sheepishly) not become prepared yet is our 'Go Bags', also known as "Bug-Out Bags". My bestie, one of my kindred spirits, & fellow "Mom, Prepared" is Counter Culture Mama.

She & her husband, in all their awesomeness, already have one giant bag (it's, like, 6 feet long?) of supplies, AND individual bags for themselves & each of their 3 children. I should probably enlist her aid in this, just so I can get it done... even if that aid is only in stayin' on my fanny to get it done :)

In addition to needing to compile those, I also need something that my husband can keep in his truck. His job requires him to be out and about in a very large city, every day, and its always in the back of my mind: "If something major were to happen, and he couldn't get home with the truck, how will he get home to us?" I brazenly admit, I dislike the thought of this very much. But, if it ever is a necessity, we are unprepared for him to have to hoof it home.

Enter the 3 Day Emergency Kit.
Price - $54.95 (they have bigger and smaller kits, also)

This kit has a lotta stuff in it. Their description reads:

"The 3-day emergency kit is a compact emergency kit with a daypack that includes basic emergency items for three days, providing items for shelter, water, food, first aid, warmth, light, communication, and more. The food, water, and other items in this 3-day emergency kit store well in a range of normal temperatures, making it a great automobile kit. The 3-day emergency kit is a great way to start preparing each person of a family, office, school, or workplace unit."

There are some things that I would add to it, like hand sanitizer. The larger kits contain these, but I have that in my stores, so that's an easy addition. But this kit has many of  the essentials that would be required for a 3 day trek home (or a 3 day trek somewhere).

I am seriously considering getting my husband one of these for Christmas. Maybe I should buy each of us one, and say Santa is a prepper, too ;-)


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